Our Team

Project Harmony has established efficient and effective collaboration that is dramatically improving how the Omaha community responds to child abuse. Medical evaluations, forensic interviews, mental health therapy, crisis counseling, advocacy services and training are provided to ensure that each child and family gets the most from those responding to child abuse.


Gene Klein, LCSW

Executive Director


Deb Anderson, PHD, MSW

Director of Connections


Patrick Falke

Director of Operations


Angela Roeber

Director of Communications


Colleen Roth, LMHP

Director of Children & Family Services


Dr. Suzanne Haney

Medical Director


Barbara Jessing

Clinical Director



Amy Chisholm

Director of Development


Carrie Strovers, JD

Director of Case Coordination


Finance / Operations / Administrative 

Barbara Norris - Accountant
Carol Lehotyak - Billing Clerk
Dan Lund - Facilities & Security Coordinator
Jane Wagar - Human Resources Specialist
Jeff McNulty - Network Administrator
Wendy Goldberg - Project Manager


Cathy Charlesworth - Administrative Assistant
Liz Eggers - Development Specialist
Stephanie Dowell - Development Specialist


Kristina Haynie - Research/Data Analyst
Michaela Ring - Research/Data Analyst

Case Coordination

Joni Scheef - Case Coordinator
Kristina Haynie - Research/Data Analyst
Melanie Anderson - Case Coordinator
Susan Walsh - Case Coordinator
Tara Bos - Case Coordinator

Children & Family Services

Amy Carnes - Administrative Assistant
April Anderson - Forensic Interviewer (FI)
Amy Schartz - Forensic Interviewer
Ashley Urbanski - Nurse practitioner
Brenda Jewell - Mental Health Therapist
Colleen Brazil - Forensic Interviewer Supervisor
Erika Rodriguez - Family Advocate
Ilka Ray - Family Advocate
Jackie Simmons - Advocacy Program Supervisor
Jessica Dugger - Nurse Practitioner
Jessica Wood - Intake Coordinator
Jessie Lusero - Forensic Interviewer
Lauren Awe - Registered Nurse
Lisa Merz - Mental Health Therapist
Melissa Gerdes - Family Advocate
Meredith Halpern - Family Advocate
Nicki Thamm - Supervisor of Mental Health
Pam Nissen - Registered Nurse (On-Call)
Rachel Clay - Family Advocate
Sarah Cleaver - Nurse Practitioner
Shirley Gosier - Administrative Assistant
Taira Masek - Mental Health Therapist (Part-Time)
Taylor Newton - Family Advocate
Yadira Jensen - Administrative Assistant (After Hours)


Amber Foral - Administrative Assistant
Annie Driver - Mental Health Coordinator
Alma Orellana - Mental Health Coordinator
Jackie Lorenson - Accounts Payable Clerk
Jina Collins, Mental Health Coordinator
Jordan Greiser - Provider Network Coordinator
Katie Gallegos - Mental Health Coordinator
Kutlo Rasetshwane - Mental Health Coordinator
Linda Villagomez - Mental Health Coordinator
Lindsey Scott - Mental Health Coordinator
Maria Pena - Mental Health Coordinator
Michaela Ring - Research/Data Analyst
Roselyn Garrett - Mental Health Coordinator
Shelina Williams - Mental Health Manager
Tiffany Lassek - Mental Health Coordinator
Todd McGruder - Mental Health Coordinator

Training Institute

Javier Castellote - Training Specialist
Jessica Kroeker - Training Specialist
Laura Trujillo - Administrative Assistant
Nick Zadina - Training Specialist
Ree Reimers - Training Specialist
Tammi Winchester - Training Specialist