Bill & Jean O'Conner

One person impacts a huge group of student nurses

Nick demonstrated how one person could impact a huge group of student nurses by just attending his presentation. He gave me the reason, the courage to act, and the knowledge how to save victims that I will face in my future nursing career. I admire his passion in life, his job is probably one of the most difficult professions to perform in everyday life, but he continues to instill hope to victims and their families. - Anonymous

Project Harmony Trainings

I have enjoyed many training opportunities at Project Harmony and I have learned a great deal from each course. I recently attended the Testifying Training course. Since that class I have been subpoenaed three times and I had to testify at each hearing. I'm so thankful for the instructor and the information given. Without this class I would have been less then prepared and too nervous to be credible. Thank you so much!

  - Jenny Lewis

Reassuring and Professional

I found out that my foster son is going to have a forensic interview here at Project Harmony soon.  I wanted some insight from the interviewers about what, if anything I should tell him in advance.  I ended up speaking with Jessie Lusero and she was AMAZING.  It’s been interesting being on the other side of things and feeling so reassured that the child I care so deeply about is in very caring and capable hands – not that I expected anything less, but it was still so helpful and encouraging.  Jessie was very considerate, reassuring, insightful, and professional.  I was very impressed and wanted to pass along my praise. - Jessica Kroeker

A remarkable gift and testimony

A young lady who works in our field came up to me (Nick Zadina) and told me that she loved what we do here at Project Harmony.  She then went onto say that she had been to Project Harmony before - seven years ago she had a forensic interview.  She said the experience was really positive, despite the circumstances, and that it was the biggest reason she is doing the work that she is today.  She then said she would never forget the woman who interviewed her.  She said, “Her name was April and she had long dark hair and she was just so nice.”  I told her I knew April and that she still worked here.  The trainee smiled, got a little misty, and said that was good because April was such a good interviewer. - Trainee

Thank You Project Harmony!

Project Harmony is the reason I started my journey in college.  I just finished my associates and I'm going for my bachelors now in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice.  Y'all helped my daughter back in early 2013 and I knew what I wanted to do with my life - help children.  Thank you for all you do! - LaLa Ann

A Wonderful Organization!

Great leadership for a wonderful cause with outstanding long term goals.  Keep on doing all the good you do.
  - Bill & Jean O'Conner

Backpacks provide a sense of belonging and hope

As difficult as a removal is on a child, the backpack they receive at Project Harmony provides a sense of belonging and hope.  For children who live with the bare minimum, a new backpack is one of the greatest gifts they have ever seen.  It truly is amazing something that seems so simple can change the perspective and shine light on these children. 
  - DHHS - Children & Family Services

Thank you for the opportunity, especially at no cost!

Our early childhood program recently benefited from a training provided by Project Harmony.  On July 19th, Nick Zadina trained our professionals on Child Abuse and Neglect 101.  This is not the first time that Nick has trained our program – he is fabulous!  We require this training annually for all early childhood staff and Nick provides a fresh delivery and applicable perspective when educating our staff.  We want to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to have this training, especially at no cost!  We are a non-profit organization and not having to decide if we should take this training based on cost is especially beneficial to us, as we find the content SO IMPORTANT!! - Katherine Hubbard, BS - Early Childhood Education Center

I love Project Harmony

 “I didn’t know how many people work at Project Harmony, so I drew a lot to show how much Project Harmony means to me!” - Project Harmony Client

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Experience at Project Harmony

The experience at Project Harmony was a deepening reminder of empathy that will be vital in my career as a nurse. I enjoyed the practicality of the session because of how applicable having empathy is in our careers and our lives. I thought the role play and group discussions were helpful and I like the hands-on approach to learning. I felt my perspective was widened on how others think, especially when discussing the assumptions we make. I also recognized how I jump to conclusions much faster than I realize at times. - Anonymous

Eye Opening

I was able to shadow Mr. Nick Zadina. He was in charge of dealing with abused kids and help them. He and many others go around and give information about child advocacy for example schools. He highly recommends that when a teacher hears anything from his students that they contact the child advocacy center because then the child won't feel to agitated. He gave us information of how most abusive cases are like and how they end. He showed us the statistics of child abuse and it was really high but has been decreasing. We theorized reasons why this happened and we realized that only about 33% of abuse cases are reported and is something to be concerned about. We learned about the different laws there was in child protection here in Nebraska and compared and contrasted between Iowa. We learned about the many jobs there was at the child advocacy center and it seemed so rough to deal with abused kids. I am thankful to know all the information I learned during shadowing because it was eye opening. - UNMC High School Alliance Program - Student Journal

Great teachers and role players

Nick and Javier were great teachers and role players. I felt that the role playing was one of the best things about it, because it gave us an opportunity to see how someone in that situation would have reacted to our questions, instead of someone telling us that they might react one way or another. They did a great job at showing us the difference between sympathy and empathy. - Anonymous

A great organization to work for

I have never felt as valued at other organizations like I do at Project Harmony. I really feel that the culture of a working environment is incredibly important. If an employee feels respected, valued and supported that person will likely feel more responsible and efficient and would like to give more to fulfill the mission of the organization. My experience working for Project Harmony has been incredible! - Javier Castellote

Thank You Junior League

Many young children through my caseload have received a backpack generously donated to the Project Harmony Triage Center. These children come into care with not much more than the clothing on their backs and often carry what few possession they have with them in grocery or trash bags. I have witnessed many faces light up when given the opportunity to pick out a clean, new backpack of their very own to take with them to wherever they are placed. Before leaving Triage, they are able to fill the backpacks with toiletries, sets of new clothing, socks, underwear, toys, books, and other things to help make their transition a little easier. The backpacks are a wonderful asset for these children in crisis and I am very grateful for the generosity and efforts of the Junior League. Thank you! - DHHS - Children & Family Services

A new life

Just wanted to know that you made a difference in my life, and I will be using that momentum to make a difference in the lives of others. You are truly a rock star and a role model for me. Thank you for a new life I’m getting the chance to live. - Anonymous

Stewards class

Congratulations on the great media coverage of your Stewards class at Project Harmony on WOWT.  You did a great job articulating the importance of prevention and Susan was amazing too.  Thank you so much for your partnership and all the important work you are doing at Project Harmony to protect children. - Cindy McElhinney – Darkness to Light

High quality sessions

We have a fairly small staff here at the D2 Center (9 employees) and a limited budget for professional development. I’ve personally attended training sessions at Project Harmony over the past year or so and now require staff members to attend your training sessions. The reasons are that the sessions are relevant, thought provoking, and are of high quality. Plus, of course, they’re free! The last two sessions I’ve attended have been particularly good and useful to our staff—Home Visits 101 and Working with Families. Nick and the others he works with are all enthusiastic, knowledgeable, wonderful presenters. It’s so great to have so many agencies in the community present and participating.

At our last D2 Center Board meeting, I was describing the training and professional development we provide for our staff. At the top of the list for professional development was Project Harmony. Please know that you are providing an invaluable service to nonprofits and agencies in our community. It is much appreciated, and we’re looking forward to being in attendance at Project Harmony training sessions in the months ahead. - Greg Emmel

National quality

You have a top rate program – really national quality.  I’m totally impressed. - Lisa Fontes

Great workshops

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Project Harmony for planning and delivering professional development to our 70 counselors, social workers and community counselors form Millard Public School during our Fall Workshop on the morning of August 6.  The sessions, Darkness to Light and Identifying the Needs of Students Experiencing Trauma, presented by Nick and Ree, provided timely and relevant information our counselors had been requesting.

The survey results were overwhelmingly positive.  Our counselors really appreciated the survivor stories, the information regarding the differences between trauma and non-trauma and the opportunities for discussion and collaboration.  One counselor specifically replied, “THANK YOU for providing real, relevant professional growth.”  Another responded, “Great workshop! Even though it is a difficult topic to discuss the presenter made you feel comfortable.”

We feel fortunate to have such a valuable resource in our community to partner with and look forward to it continuing in the future.  Again, thank you for providing such a meaningful experience for all of our counselors.  - Millard Public Schools

Child Advocacy isn't something many know about

This shadowing experience actually made me very interested in this field. I absolutely love children, and I knew that I wanted a career working with them. Child Advocacy isn't something that a whole lot of people know about, but it is so important to educate the public on because abuse is very common. One aspect that helped me narrow my choice of careers is the environment that Project Harmony had. It was very upbeat, cheerful and bright. Although I really want to work in the typical hospital setting, this environment also made me want to be there. It was definitely warm and welcome. One thing I noticed was how much Nick loved his job. He said he wouldn't trade it for anything. He loves coming to work each day, because he's there to make a difference in someone's life, not earn money. It made me realize that I don't have to choose a career that is "boring" or that I have to do something I don't enjoy. As long as it deals with children/babies and it's health related, I am almost positive I will love my job. There are so many positions out there that interact with children in the medical field, and that's where I want to direct my path towards.  - UNMC High School Alliance Program - Student Journal

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Honored to be a part of Project Harmony

I feel honored to work at Project Harmony, which puts the welfare of children at the core of everything it does or supports. To be associated with such an organization that has a great reputation as one of the strongest pillars in child welfare, gives me great pride professionally and personally.
  - Kutlo Rasetshwane

Fantastic partnership

Our experience and partnership with Project Harmony/Connections has been fantastic!  The staff members at Project Harmony are always responsive and are very helpful when our schools reach out.  It is a comfort knowing we have a partner who can connect our students and families with the appropriate resources in times of crisis or trauma.  We are looking forward to our continued partnership and increased involvement with Project Harmony and Connections.

As the Director of Student Services overseeing all our schools, I can tell you the services and coordination Project Harmony provides has been outstanding.  Our working relationship had done nothing but benefit the kids and families of our school district.  In times of crisis, students and families often want and need to be guided in the process of getting help and Project Harmony provides that guidance. - Millard Public Schools

Connecting students to quality providers

We began collaborating with the Project Harmony through their Connections program second semester last year and we’ve continued the partnership.  Connections represents and extremely valuable partnership and an opportunity to provide our students with a bridge to mental health services.  Connections has provided us with an avenue to connect our students with quality providers using evidence-based practices.  The program has also helped to mitigate barriers that prevent some children and families from accessing services. - Papillion La Vista Community Schools

Great working environment

I have felt that my input has been highly valued and respected when it comes to doing my job, and that is something that speaks volumes to the working environment here at Project Harmony.
  - Brenda Jewell

Understanding Poverty

Thank you so much for coming to Children’s and speaking to our staff yesterday.  Your talk on “Understanding Poverty” was excellent, and there were many positive comments overheard as folks were leaving.  A few said they were motivated to attend your longer presentation in the future!  I’m particularly pleased you allowed us to tape it so others who were unable to attend can see it later.
You represent DHHS and Project Harmony very well as you share your professional knowledge with a personal touch that engages others.  I could see “wheels turning” as some staff members commented on simple ways their interactions might make a difference for children and parents.
Again many thanks from me and others from our Cultural Diversity Awareness group at Children’s. - Patty Carrell, CMSW

Wonderful program

We wish to thank you for your hospitality and the wonderful program and tour of Project Harmony this afternoon.  As members of Northwest Rotary and the Omaha Community, we are so fortunate to have an organization acting on the behalf of our children with such outstanding enthusiasm and dedication.  The cooperative effort among agencies and the development of in house facilities obviously go a long way to support children and families in need of your services.

We certainly appreciate your time and presentation; Angela Roeber’s time, presentation and tour of the facilities; as well as the welcome feeling conveyed by all of the staff encountered at Project Harmony and members of the Omaha Police Department.  We appreciate their willingness to share their stories, to answer our questions and their ability to maintain a positive attitude while working through difficult situations for the greater good of children in our community.

Again, thanks for today and all you do for our children. - Rotary Club of Omaha Northwest

The experience was by far one of my favorites.

For this shadowing experience, I was able to shadow Nick Zadina a training specialist at Project Harmony a Child Advocacy Center. The experience was by far one of my favorites. The shadowing was more of a class than following the professional around like a regular shadowing experience due to the sensitive material that isn't really for the eyes of the public. During my experience, I learned about what happens at the center that I probably never would have known unless I went to this center.

This experience helped sculpt my career path in that it made me realize there are so many options out there, and I do not have to do something big, there are little things like this center that have big impacts on people. This also helped me figure out that psychology might be a real career path I would take since it is a necessary job field that needs people. This experience also helped sculpt my career path by showing me that even if I want to do something in medicine I can still incorporate my interest in the theater because like Nick he is a trainer in teaching people through acting. - UNMC High School Alliance Program - Student Journal