Engaging Through Empathy: Understanding Substance Abuse

Engaging Through Empathy: Understanding Substance Abuse


Meet Carlos Rodriguez, a local musician, whose wife calls you because Carlos recently got in a minor car accident with his six-year-old daughter in the back seat. When the accident occurred, they found marijuana in his system, which his wife says he has been using for years. She hopes you can get him to stop using. He gets on the phone with you and says you can come over, but is very short with you throughout the call. Can you help?

The purpose of this training is to develop a deeper understanding of substance abuse to better serve families who may be experiencing it. Through the scenario, participants learn about the difficulties that come with serving families where substance abuse is present and recognize common pitfalls in working with these families. This training is completed in partnership with Kersten Borer, a private practice substance abuse counselor.

Participants will learn:

  • The challenges of engaging families where substance abuse is present
  • Stages of change, why clients use, and why relapse happens
  • How to approach and engage a client who may be using substances

Scenarios are enacted in Project Harmony’s training theater to facilitate experiential learning. 

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