Engaging Through Empathy: Understanding Domestic Violence

Engaging Through Empathy: Understanding Domestic Violence


You've been working with Rose Johnson who has been struggling getting her daughter Maria to have consistent sleep habits ever since her husband Ken went to jail for a domestic violence incident. You arrive at the house one day to find that Ken has returned. Can you help?

The purpose of this training is to develop a deeper understanding of domestic violence to better serve those who may be experiencing it. Through the scenario, participants will learn about the challenges that come with serving families where domestic violence is present and recognize common pitfalls in working with these families. This training is completed in partnership with Christon MacTaggart, the Women's Fund of Omaha Domestic Violence Response Coordinator.

Participants will learn:

  • The unique challenges of engaging families experiencing domestic violence
  • How power and control are connected to domestic violence
  • How to approach and engage a client who may be experiencing domestic violence
Scenarios are enacted in Project Harmony’s training theater to facilitate experiential learning

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