Testifying Training

Target Audience

This training caters to different professionals.  Some are intended for child welfare professionals and others are for community providers.  We also offer this training for Nebraska or Iowa specifically.


The purpose of this training is to increase confidence and skill when testifying in child abuse cases.

Participants will learn:

  • To describe their qualifications clearly and succinctly
  • The process of direct, cross-examination, and redirect questioning
  • The role of each participant during a juvenile court trial

This course includes a mock trial in which participants practice testifying in the presence of attorneys and judges.  There is also a videotaped portion in which participants will get to participate in a mock court situation. 

Testifying Training will be held by request only.  A two month advanced notice and an audience of at least 15 participants is required for this training to be held.  

Project Harmony Training Request Form

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Some trainings can be offered in Spanish.