Gang Training


We will be offering two different gang trainings here at Project Harmony.  

Gangs & the Community

The purpose of this training is to provide an overview of gang activity in the home and what it means for families and professionals.

Participants will learn:

  • About gang activity in the community
  • Signs of gang activity
  • The trends of gangs in the area

This training will be conducted by Jon Waller, who is in the gang intelligence unit with the Omaha Police Department.

Gangs and Children: Keeping Kids Safe

The purpose to this training is what to do to prevent children from joining gangs.

Participants will learn:

  •     How gangs are structure and the levels of hierarchy.
  •     How gangs initiate new members
  •     Prevention methods to keep children out of gangs

This training will be conducted by Alberto Gonzalez and/or Terrance Mackey, an officer in the gang unit of the Omaha Police Department.

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Some trainings can be offered in Spanish.