Media Kit


Project Harmony, one of the largest Child Advocacy Centers in the nation located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a national model for how advocates, police and citizens broke down barriers and reinvented HOW to service children who have suffered abuse through innovative collaboration. Speak with one of Project Harmony’s national subject matter experts on:
ŸThe Top Four Ways Communities Can Combat Child Abuse
  • Take CHARGE
  • Follow Through / Accountability
  • Share the Credit
ŸThe Top Three Ways Omaha, Nebraska, Is Ending Child Abuse
  • Response
  • Intervention/Prevention
  • Treatment
ŸLearn the Five Steps to Protecting Our Children
  • Know the Facts
  • Minimize Opportunity
  • Talk About It
  • Recognize the Signs
  • React Responsibly
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Child abuse is a fact in our community, discriminating against no one and impacting thousands of lives each year.  Boldly focused on ending this cycle, Project Harmony has reimagined how communities can come together – leveraging resources to respond to, treat and ultimately prevent child abuse.
Unflinching in its commitment and powered by a vision of limitless opportunity, Project Harmony restores courage, facilitates healing and empowers each of us to be someone in the life of a child.


Project Harmony is a nonprofit, community-based organization in Omaha, Nebraska, that has served more than 26,000 children during the past 20 years by providing a child friendly environment in which specially-trained professionals work together to assess, investigate, and resolve child abuse cases.  In a nationally unique model, Project Harmony has one centralized location that co-houses with Omaha Police Department Child Victim/Sexual Assault Unit, Nebraska Health & Human Services/Child Protection Service Initial Assessment and Child Abuse Hotline, Lutheran Family Services and Child Saving Institute.  Project Harmony exists to protect and support children, collaborate with professionals and engage the community to end child abuse and neglect.