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Madison's Letter


I am grateful to you because I know some people that have needed to go to you for help and they are all better off because of it. Project Harmony does amazing work and I'm so thankful that you guys were and are able to help so many people.

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Nonprofits are harnessing tech, data to improve social impact


Project Harmony, an organization aiming to end child abuse and neglect, developed an online platform improving the way it manages forensic interviews.

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Leadership, relationships key to managing growth


When Falke arrived at Project Harmony seven years ago, there were 20 employees; today the staff has almost quadrupled. In the five years since he's been in the role of senior director of operations, the nonprofit organization has grown to one of the largest child advocacy centers in the country, serving more than 5,000 children and families each year.

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Project Harmony Executive Director Responds to Recent Sexual Abuse Allegations


Allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual abuse continue to surface involving those in high positions in journalism, politics, entertainment and athletic organizations. Each allegation should open our eyes to the insidious nature of sexual abuse and the tendency to deny it. Are we as a society covering this up at the expense of those most vulnerable?

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Halloween Safety Tips


“Everyone is responsible for a child’s safety,” says Project Harmony Executive Director Gene Klein. “From parents and guardians to homeowners and motorists, everyone plays a part to ensure children come home safely this Halloween.”

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Do You Know Who Is Watching Your Baby?


Thorough background checks are often overlooked, or taken for granted. Parents expect their children to be safe in child care. A background screening is more than just checking a resume or contacting a list of references. Click to read more.

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Back to School: Is there too much pressure?


Children approach the beginning of the new school year with all kinds of feelings – and so do parents. As parents, we feel like we need to push, inspire, or motivate our children to make a fresh start -- a new opportunity to excel. Some kids are great at repelling these messages and others really take it to heart – maybe more than we had intended.

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Project Harmony has been awarded re-accreditation by National Children’s Alliance following an extensive application and site review process. Accreditation is the highest level of membership with National Children’s Alliance and denotes excellence in service provision.

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The Behavior Isn't the Kid


With recent controversy regarding a student thrown from her desk because she didn’t obey orders - Project Harmony presents PAPER TIGERS, a feature length documentary that explores the impact of adverse childhood experiences on struggling teens. Their teachers are armed with new science and fresh approaches that are changing their students' lives for the better.

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Project Harmony a model for all Child Advocacy Centers


Project Harmony is leading the way for all Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) across the country with strong multidisciplinary teams.

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