9 Rules for Adults

In order to remind adults of the power and responsibility they have to keep children safe and protected each and every day, the following nine rules were created.

  1. Help children feel safe by identifying five people who care about them and who they can trust in a time of need - one for each finger on their hand.
  2. Believe children when they say they're hurt, and say, "It's not your fault."
  3. Explain the difference between a secret (bad) and a surprise (good).
  4. Teach children the correct name of their private parts.
  5. Talk to kids about safe and unsafe touches.
  6. If you suspect abuse, you can say, "I care about you. You seem really afraid and sad." Or, "Is anything bothering you?"
  7. Frequently tell and show children in your life that you care about them.
  8. If you have a reasonable suspicion that abuse is happening, you are required to report it to law enforcement.
  9. If a child comes to you for help, remain calm, listen and provide the support needed.
Download and print the nine rules as a reference.