Safety Tips

9 Rules for Adults

Keeping children safe is everyone's responsibility. In order to remind adults of the power they have every single day, the following nine rules were created. Read more

8 Questions for Safer Sleepovers

The word Sleepover is enough to make any parent’s radar start a-buzzing.  Torn between one of the exciting joys of childhood and wanting to keep your child safe – what do you do?  Read more

Walking Safely to School/Park

In response to the recent reports of a stranger approaching students on the way to school and or the park, Project Harmony would like to remind parents to talk with their children about safety to and from school – most importantly – “stranger danger”. Read more

5 Steps to Protecting Our Children

As adults, we are all responsible for the well-being and protection of the children in our care.  The 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children uses and evidence-informed approach - providing simple and practical actions to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.  Read more

Common Tricks

Would-be abductors know that while many children are taught to avoid strangers, many are not taught how to recognize and respond to abduction tactics.  Read more

Technology Safety

Kids today are growing up with the internet, cell phones and text messaging. Project Harmony would like to remind parents of the risks involved and provide parents with a few safety tips to keep children safe as they engage in social media, explore the internet and text their friends. Read more

Halloween Safety Tips

From parents and guardians to homeowners and motorists, everyone plays a part to ensure children come home safely this Halloween.
Here are a few tips for Halloween safety that bear repeating.  Read more